Zong 4G upgrades its self-service app “My Zong App”

Zong 4G has upgraded its self-service app by adding several new features to meet the needs of the customers.

“To facilitate our users and provide value to them, one of exciting new feature on the MZA is Zong 4G’s partnership with GoLootlo. The partnership allows our customers to avail exclusive discounts for an array of services and products through the app. Moreover, with the addition of daily rewards program, users now have a chance of winning free MBs through an exciting game every day,” said a press release.

“The new upgrade of MZA has introduced detailed postpaid billing which was not available on the previous versions of the app and was one of the most sought-after feature as per the user feedback. Furthermore, the app now brings all recent app or company-related updates under the ‘Latest’ menu, making it easier for users to find all updates in one place.”

“For an enhanced engagement and learning of the users, the My Zong App now features infotainment and Islamic portals within the app. Furthermore, new and exciting widgets (for Android users) have also made their way to the latest version.”

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