PSO starts process of importing Euro-V petrol

Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the state-owned oil marketing company (OMC), has started to import Euro-V standard fuel into the country. PSO is the first OMC to initiate the process of importing Euro-V petrol, said spokesperson of petroleum division in his official statement. 

He emphasized that this move will enable the country to import better quality fuel and primarily aims at protecting the environment from climate change and global warming.

The spokesperson further informed that petroleum division has formulated policy guidelines for switching of petrol imports to Euro-V specifications from August 2020 and all imports of diesel will be conformed to Euro-V standard by January 2021 in order to revolutionise the fuel mix of the country.

The policy guidelines has been shared with the oil and gas regulatory authority (OGRA) for implementation and ensuring import of Euro-V petrol and diesel in line with deadlines set by the Federal Government, he added.

He said, Euro-V petrol will help to cut down the sulphur content to avoid the air pollution but also improve the health of vehicles that have been affected by low-quality fuel. The government is encouraging private OMCs to introduce better grade fuel to protect the environment.

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