HEC invites applications for electric wheelchairs

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan has invited applications from students having ambulatory disability by September 15, 2020 to receive electric wheelchairs under second phase of the Prime Minister’s Electric Wheelchair Scheme for University Students.

The students being enrolled in public sector universities and affiliated colleges during Fall Semester 2020-21 can submit their applications. The scheme’s eligibility criteria cover those students who have physical and permanent ambulatory disability to such a degree that they are unable to move from one place to another without a wheelchair.

The students unable to cross hurdles because of paralysis or loss of legs function or the students having lost one or both legs can avail themselves of the electric wheelchairs. However, all the applicants must have valid certificate of special person or ambulatory disability from relevant government authorities.

The aspiring students must fill up and submit online application forms through HEC portal by the due date, take print-out of their application and submit it to the office of respective Vice Chancellor, Registrar, or designated person. Universities will forward shortlisted cases to HEC for further necessary action.

It is pertinent to mention that 206 electric wheelchairs were distributed among students during first phase of PM Electric Wheelchair Scheme. The students who received the wheelchairs in the first phase are not eligible to apply in the second phase. 

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