Nokia extends OZO Audio collaboration with ASUS to the new ZenFone 7 Series

ASUS’ new series of smartphone ‘ZenFone 7 Series’ announced on Wednesday, is the latest smartphone to use Nokia’s OZO Audio market-leading audio technology, Nokia said in a press release.

“The ZenFone 7 Series comes with the innovative Flip Camera allowing users to enjoy the same high-resolution capabilities for front and rear facing photo and video experience. The triple microphones in ZenFone 7 works perfectly with the cutting edge OZO Audio technology, and elevates the audio capturing result to the new heights.”

“The ZenFone 7 utilises Audio 3D, Audio Focus, Audio Zoom and Audio Windscreen, to deliver an unparalleled sound experience to users. Audio 3D enables users to capture natural, spatial sound recordings in selective direction, while the Audio Focus can suppress distracting noises from crowded sonicscapes to focus on the most important audio. The Audio Zoom functionality is linked to the visual zoom of the smartphone’s camera, allowing users to dynamically identify and amplify sounds to correspond with zoomed video. And the Audio Windscreen feature dramatically reduces wind distortion and bring clarity to audio in windy conditions.”

Jyri Huopaniemi, Head of Technology Licensing, Nokia Technologies, said: “We’re really excited to continue our collaboration with ASUS. OZO Audio has become the standard for audio capture across all ASUS smartphones launched this year, enhancing user experience in recording, and providing a sharper, true-to-life audio perspective of the memories they capture using their ASUS devices.”

Bryan Chang, General Manager, smartphone business unit at ASUS, said“Users really value audio quality, so we were pleased to work with Nokia to integrate their OZO Audio technology into the new ZenFone 7 Series. OZO Audio enhances the sound experience, ensuring that a finished audio product captures sound exactly as the user heard it when they recorded it.” “Nokia Technologies is focused on licensing Nokia intellectual property, including patents, technologies and the Nokia brand, building on Nokia’s continued innovation and decades of R&D leadership in technologies used in virtually all connected devices used today. Nokia licenses its innovative OZO spatial audio and visual technologies to smartphone and camera manufacturers through its Technology Licensing business.”

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