UHS notifies classes of MBBS shall resume in 3 phases & BDS in 2 phases

University of Health Sciences today notified its constituent/affiliated medical and dental institutions shall reopen from September 15 in a phased manner. MBBS classes will resume in three phases while BDS classes will restart in two phases.

As per details for MBBS classes in Phase-I third year and final year students will resume their studies from September 15 whereas in Phase-II first and fourth year MBBS classes will resume from October 1. In Phase-III second year MBBS students will resume their classes from October 16.

For BDS in Phase-I third year and final year BDS students will resume their studies from September 15. In Phase-II classes of first year and second year BDS students will resume from October 1.

The final year students of both MBBS and BDS will not visit the colleges and their classes shall be held in the attached teaching hospitals.

Each class shall be divided into three batches. The first batch shall attend classes on Monday and Tuesday, second batch on Wednesday and Thursday and, third batch on Friday and Saturday. The colleges shall ensure online classes for the batches not visiting the institution in accordance with the schedule.

UHS has further directed the institutions to ensure the observance of ‘Health Guidelines for Educational Institutions Re-opening during Covid-19 Pandemic’ prescribed by Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination, Government of Pakistan. Schedule for resuming other academic programs shall be notified separately.

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