Agreement signed between FDE and Pivotal Education Group & Teamup

A special signing ceremony of Letter of Understanding (LoU) between Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Pivotal Education Group & Teamup held at Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Islamabad on Wednesday. 

LOU is aimed to transform the educational landscape in Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) schools and colleges through the building of capacity of teachers and school leaders in a dedicated, state of the art facility based on the design of the National Incubation Centre, H-9 Islamabad. 

The implementation of a professional learning calendar will be followed by hands-on and rigorous support back in schools and classrooms, by international trained education consultants. It will also define the scope for creating a world class learning facility for students to include but not limited to a STEAM learning space and a nature zone. 

A capacity building plan will be prepared in accordance with FDE policies and best international practices and certificates for completion of professional learning will be awarded with joint signatures of FDE and Pivotal & Teamup. Pivotal Education will provide expert professional learning partners to equip FDE staff with international standard pedagogical and leadership skills and establish centralized resource libraries that will make up-to-date teaching and learning materials available for use in FDE schools. 

The project will benefit schools of FDE education zones Urban 1, Urban 2, Bara Kahu, Tarnol, Sihala, Nilore in becoming centres of learning according to international best practices. It also supports the FDE in capacity building of its staff in acquiring international standard pedagogical and leadership skills. The LoU will continue for a period of three years and shall be extended for a further term upon mutual written consent of all the parties.

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