HP launches patient‐first print technologies to help healthcare workers

HP Inc. officially launched new print solutions for the healthcare industry. Based on deep customer insights and co-developed with healthcare providers, associations and partners, HP Healthcare Print Solutions address the most pressing issues facing the healthcare industry today including patient wellbeing and safety, care coordination, mobility, privacy and security, said a press release on Wednesday.

“As our healthcare systems continue to battle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and brace for a second wave colliding with the flu this fall, the issues of patient safety and clinician burnout have intensified,” said Daniel Colling, RN, Global Head Healthcare Industry Solutions & Practice, HP Inc. “With this new portfolio we are reinventing healthcare technology to put the doctor, clinician and patient needs before anything else.”

“HP’s new Healthcare Edition MFP keyboards and touch-enabled control panels are designed to be disinfected regularly, withstanding up to 10,000X industry-standard germicidal wipes, helping to reduce the risk of health-care associated infections (HAIs) and viral pathogen transmission.HP has further enhanced the disinfection capabilities of high-touch areas of the printer with removable covers/drapes that can be sterilized daily in an autoclave up to 134 ºC. HP is also collaborating with Clorox Healthcare to offer a guide detailing infection prevention best practices and other educational tools.”

“In order to enhance support of infection prevention policies, HP has also broadened disinfection capabilities of HP Personal System devices to include HP Engage Go and HP Elite products such as HP EliteDesks, HP EliteOne (display panel only), ZBook Mobile Workstations and Z Series Desktop Workstations, HP Elite and Z Displays (Z, S, E and P series, Display Panel Only)and HP Education Notebooks (keyboards only).”

“HP’s unique global Managed Print Services (MPS) program with Zebra Technologies provides the HP Advance mobile app on Zebra’s TC52-HC handheld touch computer to enable care providers to minimize contact with common points of infection transmission at the point of care. Providers can walk up to any HP Healthcare Edition MFP, authenticate with the TC52-HC mobile computer and release critical patient documents without having to touch the device.”   

“Patient and clinical worker mobile and IoT devices add to a very congested radio spectrum that can interfere via electromagnetic interference (EMI) with life-saving medical devices. The new HP Health Solutions portfolio of IoT hand-held devices and IoT print devices are EN/IEC 60601-1-2 certified for EMI safety.12  The EN/IEC 60601-1-2 certification ensures these devices can be used within the patient sphere and shared patient areas without risk of EMI to sensitive patients and surrounding medical equipment.”

“Patient identification errors are common and can lead to serious reportable events that harm not only the patient’s health, but also the clinical standing of the healthcare facility where such an error occurred. Together, HP and Zebra solutions empower clinicians to better manage positive patient identification through integrated color patient ID wristbands, trackable specimen labels printed on-demand with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) location services and point of care identification solutions for patients.”

“HP Healthcare Edition MFPs include the HP Workpath Biscom for Healthcare app fully integrated with EPIC and Cerner. This enables the entire clinical team to digitally transmit and receive patient information and high-resolution color imaging like MRIs or directly input data into the electronic medical record (EMR) system right from an app on the printer. As a result, care providers can make timely critical decisions to improve the experience of patients and the entire care team and give back face time with their patients.”

“As the implementation of technology advances, so too are the security threats against healthcare systems. To help healthcare organizations defend against emerging threats, HP provides the world’s most secure PCs and printing solutions to protect patient privacy and sensitive information. The new Healthcare portfolio also offers Basic Print Cloud Services delivered through a service, HP Print Security Advisory Services and HP Security Manager that provides patient data protection to all HP devices, with the added protection of PrintSecure on Zebra wristband printers.”

“HP Healthcare Print Solutions are now available for direct MPS customers in North America with plans to roll out across Europe and Asia in 2021.”

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