vivo expands business in Europe

vivo is extending its fanbase in European markets. During an online media event, the company marked the official entry into six countries – France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The entry follows extensive preparation, including research and interviews with 9,000 people across Europe, with the goal to understand individual needs of each consumer; The media event was also an opportunity for vivo representatives to announce key partnerships, as well as its first line-up of smartphones and companion devices for the European market, vivo said on Tuesday.

“vivo has established its European offices in November last year. Highlighting the diversity of the company teams, vivo representatives stressed that following the company’s “more local, more global” international business strategy, the European Headquarters in Dusseldorf currently have a team of over 70 people from 16 nationalities, with a background from various industry verticals, including FMCG, automotive, consumer electronics, hospitality and home care. The country teams are about 120 people strong now, with a group of industry experts from each of the respective countries, to make sure the company leverages on valuable personal experience and local insights.”

“The vivo smartphone brand was established in 2011, growing and evolving from the rich experience the company has in landline and feature-phones, since it was founded in 1995. vivo currently holds second position in the Chinese smartphone market, is the second largest vendor in India, and is also leading the market in Indonesia. vivo is present in over 30 markets, with a global market share of 9%, and simultaneously, when it comes to 5G smartphone delivery, vivo holds a firm third spot with 12.9% in the same period.”

“Coming out of its five manufacturing facilities – of which two in China, and one in Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia respectively – vivo is a company proud of producing several smartphone industry firsts. The vivo X1 was the first smartphone ever with an embedded hi-fi sound chipset, the vivo X5Max was the world thinnest smartphone, and the vivo X20Plus UD the first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanning technology. Growing out of the first APEX concept smartphone, in 2018 vivo has launched the vivo NEX, a first truly bezel-less smartphone, with a pop-up selfie camera.”

“We are truly excited to come to Europe, to take this opportunity to officially introduce ourselves and our first product line-up for the European markets. This has been a challenging year for people and businesses around the globe, and many things have changed. Nevertheless, our commitment to people and our business in Europe has not changed, as our philosophy is and always will be doing the right thing, and doing it right – highlighted Denny Deng, Vice President, President of European Business at vivo, and added – Since our first step into international markets in 2014, we have committed to delivering our innovative and quality products to consumers, designed with them in mind. As we’re a brand loved by over 370 million people worldwide, we’re confident we will earn the trust of customers throughout Europe.”

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