SAP launches vaccine collaboration hub to improve supply chain efficiency

SAP has announced the launch of its vaccine collaboration hub (VCH) for organizations to better manage vaccine supply distribution, and to help governments and their industry partners coordinate and successfully deploy mass vaccination programs, said a news release on Friday.

“SAP’s VCH is built on the industry-award-winning SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences. It covers the end-to-end process from manufacturing to controlled distribution to administration and postvaccine monitoring.

“Businesses that are part of the vaccine production process, from manufacturers, logistics service providers and pharma companies to wholesalers and dispensers, can run their critical vaccine processes on SAP software. Building on its deep expertise in the industry, SAP has designed the VCH as an extension to its business network-enabled drug supply chain, to help make collaboration among the network partners easy and monitor the order fulfillment of vaccines, all the way from vaccine suppliers to the dispensing units.

“The VCH, part of SAP’s industry cloud strategy, is designed to address specific industry needs. It provides the critical network and technology capabilities required to effectively support large-scale vaccination programs and drug distribution, while creating the backbone to better mitigate future emergencies.”

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