ZTE & China Mobile complete innovative G-SRv6 trial on live carrier network

ZTE and the Henan branch of China Mobile have completed the trial of G-SRv6 header compression solution on the live carrier network, thereby indicating the beginning of G-SRv6 deployment, ZTE Corporation said on Thursday.

“In this trial, ZTE’s high-end router ZXR10 M6000-S has worked as SR (Service Router) and PE (Provider Edge router) to achieve the interoperability of both G-SRv6 forwarding plane and control plane on the live network.

“IPv6 protocol is the foundation of the emerging services such as cloud computing and edge computing. Based on IPv6, SRv6 is programmable and can flexibly support new services to simplify the interconnection between different networks. However, the standard SRv6 in the practical deployment shows the disadvantages of high packet cost, low network link and bandwidth utilization, and extremely high demands for chipsets. 

“In 2020, China Mobile worked together with ZTE and other vendors to propose G-SRv6, an SRv6 header compression optimization solution, and promote the standardization of G-SRv6. G-SRv6 can energize a large number of existing networks, assist operators in quickly building intelligent digital networks, and empower various industries. 

“Moving forward, China Mobile and ZTE will continue in-depth cooperation, jointly boost the large-scale G-SRv6 deployment, and promote network intelligence and simplicity to embrace a new 5G era.

“ZTE is a provider of advanced telecommunications systems, mobile devices and enterprise technology solutions to consumers, operators, companies and public sector customers.” 

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