PTCL, Avaya partner to enable blended work environment in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and Avaya Holdings Corp have signed a partnership agreement where PTCL will launch Avaya Spaces, the all-in-one workstream collaboration app for the digital workplace, for the first time in Pakistan. The partnership will enable organizations to implement blended and flexible environment for their employees, PTCL said in its recent press release.

“In collaboration with PTCL, Avaya will provide free, full-feature access for a limited time to customers in Pakistan. Avaya Spaces is an all-in-one video meeting and workstream collaboration platform for the digital workplace that changes the way work gets done in nearly 100 countries. It helps businesses, schools, governments and other organizations to bring together distributed groups of people instantly with immersive workspaces where they can message, meet, share content, manage tasks and collaborate in the Cloud.”

Speaking on the occasion, Zarrar Hasham Khan, Chief Business Services Officer, PTCL, said, “We are continuously working towards empowering organizations within Pakistan and supporting the vision of a Digital Pakistan. In the present circumstances, where most of the organizations are offering flexible working environment, our partnership with Avaya is the step in the right direction. Not only that, such solutions are much needed in the educational sector as it offers a more blended learning and working model. It will certainly create opportunities to streamline and support schools and universities as it introduces an innovative way to learn and deliver lectures.  

Speaking on the collaboration with PTCL, Nour Al Atassi, Director, Service Providers, Middle East, Africa & Asia, Avaya, said, “Globally our customers are leveraging Avaya Spaces to create the future digital workplace and to enable new and innovative education delivery models. With PTCL introducing solutions such as Avaya Spaces, Pakistan will be well on its way to achieving its digitalization goals. PTCL has already invested in an innovative and robust telecommunications network that is serving as an enabler of business continuity across the country. Together, we look forward to supporting the blended delivery of essential services with Avaya Spaces.”

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