PTCL integrated telecom services license renewed for 25 years

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has renewed its integrated telecom services license with Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) for next 25 years, the company said on Wednesday.

“PTCL had initiated the renewal process by formally requesting PTA on June 29, 2018. After conclusion of the ongoing discussions, the license is now renewed in accordance with the existing government policies.

“PTCL, being the backbone of connectivity in the country, is at the forefront to provide uninterrupted and better quality of services to the people of Pakistan. Seamless and reliable connectivity provided by PTCL is playing a key role in bringing economic and social uplift in the country. 

“The national carrier is undertaking a strategic approach to roll out fiber network across Pakistan. It will not only support the business community, but will also ensure convenience and ease for customers through provision of unlimited high-speed internet.

“Moreover, PTCL endeavors to further strengthen its network infrastructure by adopting the latest technologies to offer secure and modern Cloud solutions, Data Centers, fiber internet, domestic & international leased lines, wholesale IP Bandwidth, IPTV services and voice telephony.”

Expressing his views, Naveed Khalid Butt, Group Chief Regulatory Officer, PTCL & Ufone, said, “We are happy to announce the news of our license renewal for the next 25 years with PTA. PTCL, being the national carrier, has always remained dedicated in its efforts to provide connectivity to the people and organizations across Pakistan. The company has gone through massive transformation since its inception and is now focused to keep Pakistan digitally connected to better serve its customers, partners and stakeholders.”

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