ZTE, CUP Data establish the first 5G messaging OpenLab of the financial industry

ZTE and China UnionPay Data (CUP Data) have signed a cooperation agreement and jointly unveiled the first 5G Messaging OpenLab of the financial industry in Shanghai, ZTE Corporation said in its press release on Thursday.

“This OpenLab is jointly initiated by ZTE and CUP Data, both of whom are the members of the Financial Digital Development Alliance. Giving full play to their respective advantages, the both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in application scenarios, solution research, relative standards, and project applications of 5G Messaging, to accelerate the R&D and commercialization process of 5G Messaging.

“The establishment of the 5G Messaging OpenLab is another achievement of the technical research and practice innovation of the Financial Digital Development Alliance. Moving forward, the Alliance will consolidate power from industries, scholars, institutes and customers and gather the best resources to provide excellent platform products and services to the financial industry, expecting to facilitate the digital transformation of the financial industry.”

“The 5G Messaging OpenLab will employ the open platform of ZTE OpenLab to provide partners with such services as solution incubation and joint verification,” said Zhang Wanchun, Senior Vice President of ZTE, “To date, the open platform has accessed more than 40 service providers and completed the verification of over 120 5G Messaging applications, greatly shortening the time for developers to connect to operators’ networks. In addition, ZTE is actively working with operators and other partners in the industry chain to research and develop innovative businesses, and is committed to building customer-centric and continuously innovative industry solutions.”

“CUP Data will grasp the development trend of the continuous deepening of 5G commercialization process, and make full use of abundant forms of 5G Messaging, to provide customers with the full lifecycle messaging services of credit card,” said Ji Xiaojie, President of CUP Data.

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