SAP Store, SAP App Center merged into one marketplace for SAP & partner solutions

SAP SE has created one marketplace for solutions and services from SAP and its partners, merging SAP App Center for partner solutions with SAP Store for SAP solutions, the company said today.

“The new consolidated marketplace, called SAP Store simplifies the shopping experience of customers making their journeys to the intelligent enterprise.

“The consolidated SAP Store introduces new capabilities, including a unified home page and intelligent search functionality, which bring together all of SAP’s digitally available solutions from SAP Store with more than 1,700 partner apps previously available through SAP App Center. 

“It includes and builds on the many enhancements introduced on SAP App Center in 2020. Partner solutions certified by SAP and SAP Endorsed Apps continue to be prominently noted with visual identifiers. These features make it easier than ever to navigate through SAP and partner solutions, allowing customers to browse by industries, categories, SAP products and lines of business.

“New features of SAP Store are:

  • Updated category menu: Expanded categories cover additional solution areas
  • Guided search: Customers can use the same natural sentence structure as they would when speaking to a live sales agent, which reduces the need for repeat searches
  • Favorites: Product pages can be saved in a personalized favorites section, making it easier to compare and contrast with other offerings
  • Tips for filtering: Search results pages suggest next-best steps and popular features

“SAP’s consolidated search was built with impartiality in mind to help customers discover, try, buy and deploy products and solutions that best fit their needs. Although SAP products are visually identifiable, the search functionality is fair and unbiased, presenting all products that fit the search. The same holds true for the content accompanying each search and offering. Category landing pages show customer reviews of SAP and partner solutions, with authentic quotes and ratings. SAP’s goal is to provide a new experience tailored to the shopping experience, whether the buyer is purchasing for personal use or for a large enterprise.

“For each purchase made through SAP Store, SAP will plant a tree.”

“The merging of SAP’s two marketplaces into one storefront is important to the success of the platform,” IDC Research Director Frank Della Rosa said. “The ability to discover SAP and partner solutions side-by-side is valuable for customers. The guided search also is vital to those seeking solutions via SAP’s Store, and the clean design and intuitive site navigation make discovery quick and frictionless at a time where speed and agility are critical success factors.”

“The need to deliver a seamless, unified digital marketplace experience for our customers and partners along their journey to become intelligent enterprises has never been more critical for SAP,” said Sharon Ruddock, head of SAP Digital Commerce. “We are committed to continuing to create this environment for our customers online, whether they are choosing a solution from SAP or an offering from one of our validated partners. Now, with the capability to discover SAP and partner offerings in one marketplace with an integrated and flexible search functionality, customers can find and access what they need faster and more intelligently than ever before, regardless of whom the solution is from.”

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