Engro Fertilizers, BASF to launch Sefina insecticide in Pakistan

Engro Fertilizers and BASF have entered a strategic partnership to launch SefinaTM insecticide by BASF in Pakistan, to help the country’s farmers better protect their crops from pests and improve crop yields, said a press release.

Made from natural sources, Sefina is a novel and innovative insecticide that is registered for use on cotton and other vegetable crops in Pakistan. It offers a new mode of action for the control of key piercing and sucking insect pests, such as Whiteflies, Whitefly nymphs, Aphids and Jassids, that pose a major threat to these crops. Powered by BASF’s new active ingredient Inscalis® and higher efficacy, Sefina gives farmers a powerful new tool to combat resistance, as part of integrated pest management programs.

“We are very excited about partnering with a global player like BASF, who shares our vision of transforming the country’s agricultural landscape and helping farmers grow,” said Nadir Salar Qureshi, CEO, Engro Fertilizers Limited. “In Pakistan, farm pests pose a serious threat to cotton and other vegetable crops, distressing agricultural productivity and national food security. Along with BASF’s unique chemistry, we will be able to apply our experience and industry insights to provide crop protection solutions that help growers boost yields and income.”

“BASF is committed to helping Pakistani farmers and the agriculture sector to maximize its potential and produce healthy, high-quality crops safely and profitably. Advanced solutions such as Sefina allows growers to achieve better yields in a more sustainable manner. Engro is the perfect partner to help us bring this technology to Pakistan,” said Faisal Akhtar, Managing Director, BASF Pakistan.

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