NTC to formulate recommendations for national education policy

The National Technology Council (NTC) has decided to formulate recommendations regarding technology education and associated skills for assimilation in the upcoming national education policy.      

This was decided in a virtual meeting of NTC, headed by Chairman NTC Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Gillani. A large number of Vice Chancellors, Rectors, and technology experts attended the meeting.

It was decided that a meeting will be held at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Taxila in March, with Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice-Chancellor National Skills University (NSU), Islamabad in the chair to formulate the recommendations.

Addressing the meeting, Chairman NTC Mr. Gillani said that a joint committee of the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training, Higher Education Commission (HEC), and NTC was developing a career path for creation of job opportunities for Engineering Technologists in the country.

The technology education experts highlighted the importance of technical education, stressing the need for integration of the NTC proposals in the national education policy being formulated by the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training. In view of the government’s deep interest in technology education and the emerging global demands, they stressed that technology and skill education must be on top of the government’s agenda. 

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