ZTE wins GTI 2021 Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award

ZTE Corporation announced that its PowerPilot energy saving solution has won the GTI 2021 Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award, in recognition of its significant contribution to 5G technology innovation and commercialization, said a news release on Monday.

“With 2G/3G/4G/5G multi-mode and multi-frequency band coexisting in current network, the number of sites and equipment keeps increasing, resulting in significant increase in energy consumption. Besides, the coupling among multi-mode networks also brings about great challenges to energy saving. 

“Based on the traditional energy saving functions, ZTE’s PowerPilot solution, employing AI as the core technology, takes the initiative to identify different energy saving scenarios, and accordingly matches energy saving policies while accurately predicting network load trend. Thereby, it establishes a coordinated energy saving and network performance model, to explore the network energy saving potential.

“ZTE’s PowerPilot energy saving solution evolves from “single-station energy saving” to “network energy saving”, from “static energy saving” to “intelligent energy saving” and from “function energy saving” to “service energy saving”, thereby realizing deep collaborative energy saving in multi-frequency and multi-mode networks.

“While ensuring the high-quality user experiences, ZTE is the first company in the industry to introduce service navigation function, which identifies user services in real time and analyzes service energy efficiency ratio among different network modes. Meanwhile, it can also adjust user network distribution to reduce network resource redundancy through deep collaboration in multi-frequency and multi-mode networks. 

“With service navigation function, more information can be delivered with lower energy consumption, significantly improving energy efficiency of the entire network. To date, ZTE’s energy saving solution has been successfully put into commercial use in more than 600,000 sites worldwide, effectively reducing the energy consumption.

“In 2021, ZTE will, together with GTI and global operators, be committed to jointly building more green, healthy and sustainable 5G networks, expecting to provide a better user experience around the world.”

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