Lenovo announces a new generation of laptops designed for education

Lenovo announced a new generation of laptops designed for education and supported by wide-ranging software and services offerings to facilitate learning in a new world. Offering a broad choice of Windows or Chromebook systems powered by AMD® or Intel® processors, the new laptops provide durability within distinctive designs and now include features that help students and educators transition between classroom and remote learning, the company said on Tuesday.

“They can further enhance their collaborative learning space by adding a touch enabled ThinkVision T24t mounted on an ergonomic stand.

“Our new laptops designed for education have evolved to withstand the rigours of remote learning. Devices need to be more mobile than ever and are at greater risk of drops, spills and knocks. We’ve made our devices more durable and added features more suited to all learning modalities.

“All models meet the independent MIL-SPEC 801H standard. In addition, Lenovo’s own stringent education specifications call for reinforced ports and hinges, with rubber bumpers to protect from accidental drops. Spill resistance has been improved by nearly ten percent and Corning® Gorilla Glass offers better screen protection.

“The new designs also include features to enable more productive and inclusive learning wherever it may be:

  • USB Type-C port allows flexible docking for easy connection of external devices and supports quick charging by providing up to 80 percent battery in an hour
  • New HDMI port enables connection of a second display to extend the learning workspace
  • Optional Intel® Wi-Fi 6 helps network performance and stability while 4G-LTE is optional on select models for multi-location learning capabilities
  • End-user privacy is enhanced with the addition of a physical webcam shutter

“The Gen 2 14-inch Lenovo 14w and 14e are powered by AMD processors optimized for Chromebooks. The models are differentiated by their color with the Windows-based 14w coming in storm black, while the 14e Chromebook is available in a storm gray aluminum design.

“The 3rd generation Lenovo 100 clamshell laptop and the 300 and 500 convertible models are clearly identified by their designation with “e” signifying Chromebook and “w” meaning Windows. The 11.6-inch models are also distinctive in their appearance. Lenovo 100e, 300e and 500e Gen 3 feature an attractive grey finish with speckled design and white dots on grey bumpers. The 100w, 300w and 500w Gen 3 offer a similar design approach but feature a blue finish to clearly distinguish between versions.

“The Lenovo 500e and 500w are powered by the new Intel® Celeron® N5100 and Intel® Pentium® N6000 processors respectively. The Lenovo 100e and 300e are powered by AMD’s latest processors for Chromebooks, with their Windows counterparts powered by AMD 3015e processors.

“ThinkVision monitors can offer a richer online and classroom learning experience. By encouraging interactive and collaborate learning, additional displays can help diversify classroom content and improve distance learning. The new ThinkVision T24t offers touch capability with up to 2,880 sensors on its 23.8-inch display helping students easily interact with education content. Furthermore, the T24t provides a one-cable solution to easily connect compatible Windows, Chromebook and Android devices via USB Type-C for docking and powering the device up to 75W.

“As students and teachers spend more and more hours in digital learning environments, eye strain and bad posture are consequences of extended periods. ThinkVision T24t offers an extended tilt range for better ergonomic position, while Natural Low Blue Light eyecare technology certified with Eyesafe® and TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort certification reduce harmful blue light wavelengths allowing extended periods without the worry of eye fatigue without compromising amazing color performance.”

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