NAHE organizes project management course for IPFP Fellows

The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) has organized an international standard research and project management course for IPFP Fellows who have been awarded Start-up Research Grants for Freshly Qualified PhDs (SRGP).

In order to fully prepare Fellows of the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme to run and manage their research projects over the long term, NAHE has collaborated with an international institution, Oxon Global, to provide top-tier training titled “The Fundamentals of Project Management” to IPFP Fellows.

This programme is part of NAHE’s continuous professional development initiatives for faculty of universities and HEC employees, which are running in accordance with an annual calendar of events.

Keeping with SOPs to address the third wave of COVID-19, the course on “Fundamentals of Project Management” is being delivered online in its entirety. The opening address was given by Dr. Shaheen Sardar Ali, Rector NAHE.

All six modules of this course, with rigorous evaluations and assessments will be delivered on four consecutive Saturdays to a cohort of 260 Fellows.

IPFP Fellows and recipients of SRGP have already undergone a rigorous academic teaching course, the National Faculty Development Program (NFDP) and a top-up reflective teaching and learning capacity enhancement workshop.

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