NAHE, HEC teams up with PPMI to train HEC Employees

The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) has signed a Memorandum of Commitment with the Pakistan Planning and Management Institute (PPMI), which will enable NAHE to train Higher Education Commission (HEC) employees on a number of evidence-based required competencies, said a press release on Thursday.

“The first training under this initiative entitled “Procurement and Financial Management” was held keeping COVID19 directives in mind, the mode of delivery was online. To ensure participation and learning engagement, HEC employees have been divided into groups of 40-45.

“In order to measure learning and impact, a pre-assessment to gauge the current level of knowledge on procurement rules was conducted at the beginning of the workshop. This will be a 3-day training. The instructor took the participants through procurement and financial management rules for the Government of Pakistan as well as international financing bodies including the World Bank.

“The procurement cycle, examples and evidence for the national context, and an overview of Public Procurement Rules were part of the workshop. The instructor encouraged participants to ask questions and discuss cases that they deal with on a daily basis.

“In the year ahead, NAHE will be working with multiple partners to provide the best quality capacity building opportunities to HEC employees. The priorities for target competencies have been based on a comprehensive training needs assessment held in 2020. Additional trainings will cover foreign funding projects, monitoring and evaluation as well as project management.”

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