Former SBP Governor appointed as PSX Chairperson

Dr. Shamshad Akhtar has been unanimously elected as the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Board Chairperson in the first meeting of the newly elected PSX Board held on Tuesday, PSX said in its press release.

“Dr. Akhtar needs no introduction as she is a veteran of the financial markets of Pakistan and has also held the honourable position of Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, in the past.

“She spearheaded the capital market development reforms during her tenure at the Asian Development Bank in 1990s and more recently worked with the industry on the Capital Market Roadmap in her capacity as the Caretaker Finance Minister.”

On being elected as the Chairperson of the Board of Pakistan Stock Exchange, Dr. Akhtar commented, “After my long association with Pakistan’s capital market, it is a proud moment for me to represent the Pakistan Stock Exchange as its Chairperson and join the efforts of the SECP, the new Board and Management to take this institution to new heights. I look forward to our joint endeavors to further transform PSX as a premier institution so it can play a critical role in raising its market capitalization through deepening of debt and equity markets, broadening its investor and product base and service efficiently all its clients upholding high standards of governance”.

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