HP introduces EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One and new commercial desktop PCs

HP Inc. introduced the EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One (AiO) for more engaging collaboration and meaningful connections in hybrid work environments. HP also announced new commercial desktop PCs, said a press release.

“People want to make personal connections – whether with eye contact, body language, or clear and crisp audio. With 32% of office employees expected to work from home in the foreseeable future and 26% expected to split their time between home and office, technology that helps bridge the physical distance between team members and coworkers is critical.

“The HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One is a virtual conference powerhouse for the home and the office. Available with a 23.8-inch or 27-inch diagonal display, and an integrated pop-up camera, the PC empowers users to show up in an authentic way and better connect with colleagues when they cannot be there in person.

“Powered by an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, the PC can handle resource-intensive projects and virtual meetings so users can multi-task and co-create quickly and reliably. At the same time, the HP security suite keeps user data safe and secure. Designed for collaboration, the EliteOne 800 AiO allows users to see clearly and look their best, hear clearly and sound their best, work and be at their best and feel supported by an empowered IT team.  

“Part of the world’s most sustainable PC portfolio, the HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One is responsibly made with ocean-bound plastics in the speaker enclosure and comes in 100% recyclable molded pulp packaging. It is ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® registered in 19 countries.

“The HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Series PCs meet the demands of a multi-task work day with several form factors. Each desktop PC is configurable and expandable making it easier for IT teams to save time and standardize on PCs that can be configured to many different types of users, helping them streamline endpoint management.

  • The HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Desktop Mini Business PC delivers big performance and adaptability for small spaces – ideal for home and office navigators, and powerful enough for part-time creatives. It is the world’s smallest and most powerful Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) business PC.
  • The HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Small Form Factor Business PC provides the ultimate flexibility and upgradeability for IT, and ideal for home and office navigators, as well as front line or back office workers.
  • The HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Tower Business PC is maximized for high performance and intense graphics demands, as well as ultimate expandability, making it ideal for power users and those needing a robust desktop PC. It is the world’s highest performance and most expandable business-class tower PC.”

“The pandemic has given us a fresh perspective on not only the importance of the PC, but better insight into how we collaborate, stay connected, and elevate the way we work at home and in the office,” said Andy Rhodes, Global Head of Commercial Systems and Display Solutions at HP. “Our premium desktop portfolio enables authentic and meaningful collaboration experiences and optimal productivity in new work environments.”


  • HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One PC is expected to be available in select countries in May.
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Desktop Mini Business PC is expected to be available in May.
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Small Form Factor Business PC is expected to be available in select countries in May.
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G8 Tower Business PC is expected to be available in select countries in May.

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