Nokia integrates new AI-driven digital services to help CSPs cut complexity of network

Nokia today announced a new suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven support services designed to meet the demands of complex 5G networks. The digital services allow engineers to maintain networks wherever they are while enabling service providers to remain focused on a superior end user experience. The company said in its press release.

“The introduction of 5G enables communications service providers to deliver a myriad of new capabilities and services, reliant on ultra-low latency and resiliency, to more customers. The appetite for those services is clear, with 5G adoption growing at three times the rate of 4G LTE and the number of connections expected to reach 619 million globally by the end of 2021.

“As use cases and demands grow, so does network complexity. Communications service providers are challenged with navigating that complexity to deliver the highest customer experience in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Nokia is addressing this challenge with its new digital services that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to reduce the time and effort of network maintenance, while ensuring engineers are equipped with the latest network information and skills wherever they are.

  • Nokia Digital Assistant advanced features include live network information, on top of 19 data sources introduced last year, which allows engineers to quickly access technical information and see what is happening in the networks.
  • AI based work-flow optimization simplifies software maintenance and reduces resolution time. Instant spare availability uses automation across the supply chain to speed up hardware maintenance and replacements.
  • Nokia Learn leverages mobile advanced learning methodology to provide engineers with interactive product and technology trainings and a learning environment that seamlessly integrates in their flow of work.  

“These advanced capabilities allow network maintenance teams to access all the network intelligence they need, in the way they need it, wherever they are. While driving new efficiencies and reducing the time and effort required to keep those networks up and running.”

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